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That's QUEEN Bess to you

Person 1 ‎...or maybe she just love the Lord...our school needs more Jesus! or did you not hear the conversation in history? lol
Person 2: I heard the conversation. It keeps the population somewhat tamed, so why not have more Jesus, I guess?
Person 2: I honestly can't tell the difference between a Christian and a non-believer 98% of the time.
Person 2: ‎^That conversation in history is Exhibit A
Me: Don't worry *Person 2*, I'll make sure you can always tell I'm a Catholic so you don't get confused. I will be that 2% certainty.
Person 3: I personally prefer that there not be more Jesus.
Person 2 (to me) Your expression most of the time screams 'I sit through mass every Sunday.'
Person 3: I'm not sure about other people. I know I can manage myself but I take ghetto bitches seriously when they say "YOU BETTA BE GLAD I KNOW JESUS, BITCH! ELSE, I'D WHIP YO ASS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW BITCH! I WOULD DROP YO ASS RIGHT HERE--RIGHT NOW!!!"
Me: Exactly. So, since I sit through mass every sunday, I'd rather not sit through it at school. Besides, I rather dislike the majority of people I go to church with. If that was school, then school would be more of a rotting hell than it already is.
Person 3: I will say amen to that.
Me: I think "hail the dark prince" is more appropriate for the situation
Person 3: Maybe, but I don't really believe in him either.
Me: Valid. Well in that case, for Odin All Father, we shall instead drink ale in school instead of Mayfield and dine on the remains of our enemies instead of the false-meat they claim to be chicken. And all shall be happy
Person 3: Oh yes! I do love to feast on my fallen enemies. And even the ones that haven't fallen yet. Praise Odin!
Me: Yargh! Then it shall be.