Guess who finally started on Mae’s B-day present?


Guess who’s b-day is during the busiest month of the school year since winter break?


She gettin’ a rumbelle hat, so she best get me some chocolate for my b-day.



Mah gurl.

My finder of gay porn for me.

My sister.

I wish thee well on thine travels.

You too, are the only one that I find in my message box most of the time.

(Unlike my gay, who never answers me


And all y’all muthafuckas who try and take my place as her second-in-command best back the fuck up.

And all y’all nosy bastards who are reading this

This is not for you.

When you return, I will be waiting for you with a cup of tea. I won’t put in too much sugar, just the way you like it.

And we can discuss what new porn for our otps is floating around out there.

Whenever I get a message on Tumblr, I get more excited than Steve from Blue’s Clues whenever he got mail.



And then I realize that it’s probably my one rl bosom friend who pesters me with our mutual fangirling. MAIL TIME IS ALWAYS AN EXCITING TIME THAT IS CHOCK FULL OF QUIVERING ANTICIPATION BECAUSE HOLY HELL SOMEONE DEIGNED TO MESSAGE ME OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH-oh. Hi Betty.

Who else understands you as well as I? Why must you treat me so? Am I not your sister, if not by blood then by oath? Say thee nay wench, who wouldst listen to thine lamentations about thine otps as I would? Canst thou name one other who would offer mine opinion on such matters?

Thou doth hurt mine heart, nameless wench.