on the bright side

now Dean and Cas have the same lifespan and one won’t age while the other stays young and lingers for the rest of time

when becoming a demon has upsides

sam’s face was the embodiment of the lyrics

"y’all gon make me loose my mind, up in here, up in here"

very disappointed that Jack the Ripper was never a “monster” of the week on supernatural

season 10 of supernatural:

dean kills sam a la CainandAbel and goes mega-demon, but Sam comes back as the new yellow-eyed demon and the two of them battle it out for the throne of hell


Cas arrives, upgraded to archangel and he and Dean have a super illicit affair, and have sex on every flat surface in the bunker

FILLER EPISODE, where Sam and Dean team up for old time’s sake to finally kill Crowley because he needs to die already


Sam, the Boy King, rules Hell with an iron fist and his loyal knight Dean at his side. Cas is head of the angels, in a tentative truce with Sam the Boy King, because he’s banging his brother and as long as regular visitation is allowed, all is good.

Jody is Queen of the Earth.

The End.

no, but the prisons of fallen angels being black holes at the centers of galaxies, which are surrounded by stars (other angels) and are forced to bear the weight of planets, comets, asteroids upon their backs, forever cursed to hold together the worlds full of creatures that their Father loves so much more than them

The Winchesters are sad, plaid-clad serial killers

nothing you can say can contradict this

they’re serial killers

and if it was on HBO it’d be acknowledged better and Dean would be sadistic and Sam would Ted Bundy


on supernatural

but as they appear in Judaism and Islam too

Gabriel resurrected as his Islamic counterpart so he is Gabriel, but not Gabriel at the same time

oh my god angels are so similar in all three the writing staff never uses this to their advantage