yo the whole “BROTHERSSSS” thing is cool and all

but I want more lady bonding, like you can tell dudes write most of this because it’s like have you seen girl relationships???

even your most hated foe will help a sister out if she doesn’t have a tampon

and y’all trying to be like ‘nah Melissa doesn’t hang out with the girls either she’s just a mom’


excuse me but moms are the coolest and your friend’s moms are often just as cool, if not cooler than your mom, and have you ever seen another mom get in someone’s face on behalf of a child that’s not theirs? I have no doubt Melissa McCall would slice Peter Hale from neck to groin if she knew what mind shit he pulled on Lydia, don’t fuck with moms.

I want the girls doing homework and laughing at these boys from time to time okay, don’t push those relationships to the side the majority of us will cut a dude for harassing the girl we hate before we’re like “nooooooooooo, helping this man over my lady friends is more important”

trying to act like Lydia and Kira wouldn’t be circling around Malia like fierce guardian vultures because she’s new to the human thing and just letting her go off with Stiles without giving him shit puh-lease


looooooooooooool at people being like “omg why is Stiles being such an asshole???”

like, he’s always been that way? I have no fuckin clue where the whole “pack mama who fixes everyone’s problems and babies poor puppy Isaac” thing came from

He’s an insensitive asshole, straight up. He’s probably fucked in the head from seeing his mom go crazy and then die.

He liked being a nogitsune probably because he just didn’t have to care anymore and killed whoever the fuck got in his way, like he’s always wanted to do. If Stiles was a werewolf Jackson would probably have gotten the shit kicked out of him or dead. I wouldn’t have put it past him to straight up beat the shit out of Derek either. Like y’all fuckin mad about Malia growling at Stiles when he and Derek been throwing each other around and saying mean shit for three seasons. He even says some pretty mean shit to Scott too. Like when you’re teasing your friend and then you cross the line, but instead of stopping you keep going kind of shit.

I mean for example in the previous episode “Let’s just chloroform the little bastard and throw him in the lake!” funny, but an asshole thing to say. BECAUSE STILES IS AN ASSHOLE. (and he knows it too so don’t start with the whole “he’s damaged!!” thing, because Scott ABSOLUTELY could’ve turned into a raging dickface with how his father treated him but he didn’t. Stiles is just a humongous pain in the ass, crazy little dicksmack, accept it.)


Stiles would probably also kill everybody to keep his father from getting hurt and honestly I’m surprised he didn’t kill Jennifer himself?? Or Matt? If he could’ve gotten that gun he probably would’ve shot him.

Nogitsune Stiles is probably just Stiles after somebody kills his father and he goes and trains with with hunters for a couple of years lbh.

I’m just going to assume that all these parallels mean they’re setting up the younger characters to take the place of the current ones when they go off to college and then we can have College Wolf run by Holland and written by Posey, Dylan and Hoechlin

because that’s the only plausible reason I can think of for this shamelessly lazy writing

I hope Deputy Parrish is a cute little urban sorcerer and that’s why he’s so good at disarming bombs and tracking computers

he talks to all the devices and asks them politely to show him the information

he takes home burnt out light bulbs and coaxes life back into them, radios that haven’t played for years sing for him, the pigeons love him

he and his car are best buds, the city always makes sure he’s safe when out on call

the t.v. is named Ronald and it likes to talk to him about the latest episode of Hannibal through various talk shows

I just hope he’s a cutie and not a creepy

on this episode of Twink Wolf

angrywolf mctwinkerson is mad at fluffyhair douchetwink and blondie murdertwink is trying to kill everyone

blondie mckillerboy literally looks like this 12 year old I have to babysit from time to time and the slo-mo didn’t really serve to rectify that